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Does your child need academic assistance?

Hola Mundo Tutoring has over twenty years of experience offering personalized Academic Programs for students from PK to 12th grade.

Our tutors are trained to teach your child how to learn, retain information, think independently, ask questions and develop an increasing sense of competence.
Individual or group? Online or in person?
At Hola Mundo Tutoring, You choose!

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Why choose Hola Mundo Tutoring?

We offer a variety of Academic Programs for students PK-12th. 

We assess each student's ability and academic level on the subjects of their choice and create a personalized instructional plan. We take pride of our unique service since our tutors monitor the student's academic progress by working together with with the student's parents and teachers.



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Middle School
& High School

Courses & Subjects

 We have expert tutors in Math, Language Arts, Science, Reading, Writing, Foreign Languages, and more. 

Additionally, we offer Test Prep for High School students.

Language Arts (Grammar)
Foreign Languages: English, Spanish and French (All Levels)
Math  (all courses)
Science, Chemistry, Biology (all levels)

SAT Prep Math ​

SAT Prep English and Reading 

Preschool  Activities - Fine motor skills, games, puzzles,  math, science, and more.

Homework Club​

Speech Therapy


With over twenty years of experience in the educational consulting industry, we guarantee that all our students come out of their courses with better understanding of difficult subjects and feeling more confident in their skills.

“Due to family circumstances we had to spend some time in Florida in the middle of the school year. During this time Hola Mundo tutors helped them each day to keep up with their assignments and their online school from back home.


It was something I couldn't have done on my own.”

Luisa, Alessia and Roberto's mom

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